Sister Companies

Thermal Spray Technologies (TST), located near Madison, Wisconsin, provides thermal spray coating solutions for diverse applications for some of the world’s leading OEM manufacturers. TST’s product-specific wear resistant and protective coatings are used in the aerospace, electronics, agriculture, medical, automotive, power generation, papermaking, printing, food processing, and defense industries.

Fisher Barton Specialty Products (FBSP), located in Watertown, Wisconsin, is a premier supplier of world-class, performance-enhanced components, including heat-treated stampings, weldments, and coated knives and blades, used in the agricultural, construction, mining and biofuels industries.

Accurate Specialties is the largest manufacturer of centrifugally cast bronze bearings, worm gear, chill cast, and proprietary spuncast composite gear blanks in North America, and a leading provider of state-of-the-art precision CNC machining, serving the power generation, industrial automation, and material handling industries.

Fisher Barton Blades (FBBI), located in Wisconsin, is the world’s leading manufacturer of lawn mower and other power blades. Fisher Barton Blades is a respected technical leader in the industry and is the holder of five blade-related patents, including our patented Marbain® material.