Zenith Cutter has been manufacturing high-quality products for the corrugated industry since 1953. Today, our full line of corrugated products includes cut off and rotary shear knife sets, slotting knives, high-speed steel or carbide razor slitters, brass fingers, brass strippers, collars, scoring rings, urethane and accessories.

When customers have specific needs, our knives can be customized to meet custom specifications. And, because we have extensive industry knowledge, our customers have confidence that our blades will do an exemplary job each and every time.

Zenith Cutter Offers the Confidence That Comes with “Original” Blades and Slitters

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Greater Performance

Zenith’s Razor Slitters are manufactured with a unique mirror finish that allows the blade to run cooler with less dragging and run cleaner with less starch build-up.

Razor Slitter

Improved Packaging

Razor Slitter Protective EdgeProtective Edging on blade ensures safe handling.

Safe Handling

Razor Slitter Improved PackagingRetaining clip allows for easy removal of edging, leaving no tape residue.

Convenient Storage

Razor Slitter Convenient StorageBlades are sealed in a plastic barrier for moisture-free storage, while corrugated sleeve keeps the blade securely in place.

Cut Off Knives

After years of testing and development, we have become the trusted leader in high-quality, cost-effective aftermarket replacement cut off knives. Only the best materials and workmanship are utilized in the manufacture of these knives. Most Zenith Cutter cut off knives and shear blades are available with a plain or serrated cutting edge.

Razor Slitter

Razor Slitters/Carbide Razor Slitters

Zenith Cutter offers a full line of high-speed steel razor slitters, as well as tungsten carbide razor slitters. Only the best materials and workmanship are utilized in the manufacture of our razor slitters. Zenith Cutter also offer sharpening stones and felt lubrication wicks to compliment our blades.


Zenith Cutter produces collars from the finest steel forgings. Our collars are most commonly used with corrugators and slitters.


The industry leader in blade to blade slitting, Zenith Cutter offers the right blade for the right job. Our slitters provide just the right angle to assist with your difficult cutting needs.

Scoring Rings

Our scoring rings will withstand the abuse of dropping, running together and misalignment. Fully hardened steel rings ensure durability. View the Scoring Ring profiles.

Brass Fingers

Zenith Cutter offers a line of brass fingers and single facer clean-outs. State-of-the-art cutting equipment allows us to manufacture fingers to precision tolerances in large or small quantities.

Male Slotters

Durable male slot knives by Zenith Cutter are made from select high-chrome, high-carbon tool steel. Built for long service life, our male slot knives are precision ground to assure true-clean cuts over extended production runs. Learn more about our wolverine knives.

Female Slotters

Matching the correct female slotting blade by material, form and fit to your Zenith Cutter male slotting knives is important for your machine performance. Zenith Cutter offers a full line of female slotting knives and pinch rings.

Tab Knives

Zenith Cutter manufactures stitch tab knives for almost any application. Our high carbon steel to steel tab knives supply the optimum cut and durability without premature damage to your anvils.

Brass Strippers

Zenith Cutter offers a full line of flexo female slot strippers that are made from the highest quality material from around the world.

Doctor Blades

Zenith Cutter’s StraightPoint Doctor Blades outlast steel by up to four times. Longer blade life means fewer blade changes, less downtime and increased productivity. These blades are an economical and practical substitute for steel for applications such as wide-web, mid-web, narrow-web, corrugated, envelope, offset, specialty coating and newspaper.


Zenith Cutter offers a range of highly reliable urethane products for corrugated printing equipment, die cutters and other packaging machinery to meet the various demands of the market.


Zenith Cutter produces a variety of hardware and holders to compliment our parts and complete your needs.

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Our replacement knives fit a wide variety of corrugated machines.