Tech Tips

Granulator Trouble Shooting Guide

Troubleshoot granulator problems such as Inconsistent Grind Size, Excessive Fines & Dust, Low Through Put, Poor Knife Life, Material Wrap Around, Poor Screen Life, Machine Stalling & Melt Downs, Excessive Machine Vibration & Noise, Poor Material Evacuation and Overfeeding.

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Razor Slitter Blades?

All current CNC razor slitting machines allow for setting changes to the sharpening frequency and/ or sharpening duration. Excessive sharpening decreases blade life. By monitoring your slitting quality and making gradual changes to sharpening frequency and duration, you can work toward optimizing the life of your slitter blades. All too often we find that razor slitter sharpening is set for worst case running scenario and leads to excessive sharpening. Consult your operator’s manual or your service technician for specific machine adjustments.

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