Fisher Barton Awards Bonus Payment to All Employees

WATERTOWN, WI, February 25, 2021 — Fisher Barton, a leading metallurgical science company that develops high wear and cutting components, today announced a bonus award payment for all US-based employees. The bonus payment of $1,250 will be distributed in mid March and represents the company’s gratitude for the employee support and commitment to serving customers during the recent pandemic and time of disruptive business conditions.

Scott Hoffman, Fisher Barton, CEO, stated, “On behalf of the company, our board and the Wilkey family, I am pleased to distribute the bonus payment to all of the individuals responsible for enabling Fisher Barton to provide a high level of service to our Customers in 2020, despite uncertain demand and choppy production schedules in 2020.”

Hoffman continued, “We are thankful and proud of Fisher Barton’s workforce and truly wanted to acknowledge the many contributions responsible for our continued success and growth. We look forward to continuing the development of innovative and leading edge solutions for our customers in 2021 as we expand our dedicated workforce.”

Scott Hoffman discusses a recent process improvement with employees of the Fisher Barton Zenith Cutter Division