When it comes to size reduction, Zenith Cutter has been manufacturing products that break down material for the plastics industry since 1985. Our high-quality granulator knives, shredder blocks, pelletizer knives and screens are built to do the job efficiently.

As a supplier to the industry’s leading OEM and recycling companies, Zenith Cutter products are known to provide rugged and reliable service. Our extensive knowledge allows us to develop standard and custom recycling products. And, with our in-house engineering services, prototyping and production capabilities, we can discover a solution to increase your productivity.

We also recently introduced our brand new Shredzilla® carbide-capped shredder blade. This patent-pending product is designed to increase cutter efficiency with lower maintenance and longer life. It is the perfect solution for your shredding applications.

The Single Source for High-Performance Plastics Recycling

Granulator Knives

Knives are heat-treated for long wear and maximum toughness. Application specific material selection. We have knives and screens for all models and with extensive on-hand inventory, we provide same day shipments.

Granulator Knives

Fly Knives Bevel Options

Keen Edge

Single-Angle (one side of cutting edge)

Reverse Bevel

Double-Angle (Angle on each side Low Shear of cutting edge)

High Shear

Double-Angle (Angle on one side of cutting edge)

Hook Fly

Shredder Knives From Zenith Cutter


Made from premium tool steels for long life. Our bed (counter) knives are through hardened for maximum wear. Heat treated for extreme toughness, we offer 30mm (1.181″) through 80mm (3.150″) sizes for all makes and models. Concave, crown, nips and standard designs available.



Zenith Cutter manufactures pelletizer knives made of high quality material that processes plastic pellet material effectively and efficiently.

Zenith Granulator Screens


We offer over 1000 different screens for all models of granulators and shredders.

Custom screens can be manufactured to meet your specific needs. Standard and extended wear material and coating options are available.

Material Options

MATERIAL 1018 Material AR235 Lindure® Treatment AR400 AR500 Heat Treat
DESIGNATION Standard Z42 Z43 Z51 Z55 HT
APPLICATION Standard Granulator Screen Increased Wear Hardness Increased
Surface Hardness
Shredder High Wear Material Shredder Extreme Wear Material Carburize and Surface Harden Standard Material

Our replacement knives fit a wide variety of plastic granulators.

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