Reliability and consistency are essential in all blades, especially those that chop copper wire. Zenith Cutter offers application-specific materials combined with proprietary heat treat processes for maximum toughness and reliability.

Consistently Reliable Blades for Chopping Copper Wire


We offer over 1000 different screens for all models of granulators and shredders.

Custom screens can be manufactured to meet your specific needs. Standard and extended wear material and coating options are available.

Material Options

MATERIAL 1018 Material AR235 Lindure® Treatment AR400 AR500 Heat Treat
DESIGNATION Standard Z42 Z43 Z51 Z55 HT
APPLICATION Standard Granulator Screen Increased Wear Hardness Increased Surface Hardness Shredder High Wear Material Shredder Extreme Wear Material Carburize and Surface Harden Standard Material
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Our replacement knives fit a wide variety of machines for the wire recycling industry.

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