Fisher Barton Adds New Technology Center

The Fisher Barton Technology Center will soon be located at the 201 Frederick Street Building in Watertown.

Igor B Zelenovskiy, native from Russia and former Global Director of Engineering and New Product Development of Rexnord in Milwaukee, was hired to be the president of the center. Zelenovskiy and about a dozen staff will be dedicated specifically to the innovation and process development area in the new center.

“The company is preserving the building and the legacy of the company,” he says. “It’s where Fisher Barton started 40 years ago and prior to that was the Village Blacksmith. There’s a lot of history in this building not just for Fisher Barton, but for Watertown.”

Fisher Barton is dedicated to innovation, process development, bringing new technology and helping customers with products.

“It will be a new state of the art building with equipment moved from our lab, as well as some additional equipment,” says Zelenovskiy.