Zenith Cutter Launches Shredzilla® – A New Carbide-Capped Shredder Blade

Meet ShredzillaZenith Cutter recently launched Shredzilla® – a blade designed for extreme, high wear shredding applications. The carbide-capped block can be used in all 40 mm shredders and has many benefits over other alternatives.

Advantages of Shredzilla® over solid carbide cutters include a nearly 30 percent lower cost of ownership, increased cutter efficiency from the high rake geometry, and lower maintenance expense.  Compared to solid steel knives, Shredzilla® lasts up to 10 times longer and produces 80 percent less downtime due to less frequent blade changes. Its advantages over carbide insert knives include improved cutter efficiency, reduced wear and less risk of damage to equipment.

“We are excited about the launch of Shredzilla®,” says Martha Palmer, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Zenith Cutter. “We believe that our customers will be impressed with the many advantages, and ultimately the cost savings, that this new product will provide.”

This new patented product (Patent Number US 9,132,429) is ideal for primary and secondary shredding of plastic, tire, wood, carpet and paper.