Product Development & Innovation

Designed and Built For Your Application

For customers needing a custom solution, Zenith Cutter is the go-to source. We have many successful partnerships with large machine owners and dozens of OEMs in a variety of markets. For example, our patent-pending Shredzilla® was designed with customer input for extreme, high wear shredding applications. Our male slot knife serration design is also patent-pending and showcases the talent of our innovated product development team.

Our customers choose Zenith because we’re as dedicated to the final product as they are…and we have the engineering resources and equipment to make it happen.

Zenith is also ISO9001:2015 certified with state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, including through-hardened and induction heat treating, cryogenics, laser machining and CNC cellular manufacturing.

We can machine the finest grade steel and to exact tolerances, delivering the precision and durability you can only expect from Zenith Cutter.