For more than 20 years, Zenith Cutter has provided solutions to the converting industry. Whether you process film, foil, tissue or paper, Zenith offers reliable knives to address all your processing requirements.

Zenith Cutter’s strict quality control ensures precise metallurgical compositions, tempering and tolerance for fast equipment set-ups, exact cutting and maximum durability. And, because our knives are built from the highest quality material, they last longer which minimizes machine downtime for blade changes.

Improving the Efficiencies and Generating Less Waste in Paper Converting Processes

Our products, including core cutters, dish blades, bottom knives, knife holders, score slitters and paper knives, produce less waste and better end products because they are manufactured for consistency.

Our versatility and adaptability allow us to customize options and produce exactly what you need.

Core Cutter from Zenith Cutter

Core Cutters

Heat-treated for toughness and wear resistance, our core cutters are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure excellent cutting quality and maximum life.

Slitters from Zenith Cutter

Crush/Score Slitters

Zenith Cutter slitters are made from tool steels thru-hardened for long life. They are available with various cutting radii and perforation configurations to address your specific processing needs.

Dish Blade from Zenith Cutter

Dish Blades

Zenith Cutter dish blades are available in Standard Bore or Bayonette Bore.

Bottom Knives

Bottom Knives

Made from tool steels that are thru-hardened to ensure maximum service life, our bottom knives are available in free locking, self-eccentric locking, set screw locking and T-Shape.

Knife Holders

Knife Holders

Zenith Cutter manufactures knife holders in clamp style, free locking, multi-locking with screw and self-eccentric locking.

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Our replacement knives fit a wide variety of machines for the converting industry.